Toolboxes and Accessories

Ute Upgrades for the Bold and Hardworking

LED Tail Lights

Available On: Warrior, Elite

Built with greater strength and efficiency compared to traditional halogen lights, LED lights are the obvious choice for anyone that needs reliable lighting.  Trojan Tray supplies three main variants of LED tail lights, the 275 Triple Series, the 282 Series, and the Maxilamp 3 Series.  Our LED tails lights come with a 5 to 7 year manufacturer warranty, and have been tried and tested to the harsh Australian road conditions and strict ADR standards.

The Maxilamp Tail Lights are a personal Trojan Team favourite, with their slick black chrome design, high brightness, and standard 7 year manufacturer warranty.

Underbody Toolboxes

Available On: Warrior, Elite

Underbody toolboxes are a fantastic addition to any Ute.  Trojan Tray toolboxes come in two distinct styles, the classic chamfer for maximum storage, and the trendy taper for the style conscious. Each of our toolboxes come with a stainless steel t-handle, bullet hinges, and are rubber sealed to protect your gear from dust and water.

Builders/Ladder Rack

Available On: Elite

The trusty builders rack is a great addition for any hardworking individual.  Affectionately named because of their popularity with the tradies, the builders rack is great for hauling ladders, and long sections of piping and timber. Our builders rack are powder coated to colour match your tray, and come with your choice of load stops or spikes as standard.  Tough by design, and easily removable, a builders rack is a must have for anyone working within construction.

Trundle Drawer

Available On: Warrior, Elite

Trundle drawers are the ultimate under tray storage system, and is a must have for those looking for secure and convenient storage solutions.  Our trundle drawers are made out of galvanised steel, and come with a brushed aluminum face for both strength and weatherproofing. Designed tough, our drawers come with a 3 point T-Lock system for added security.  Trojan supplies trundle drawers in three main sizes, 1500mm, 1700mm, and 2100mm.  With an internal width of 680mm and height of 120mm, these drawers are the perfect solution for safe and secure storage of long length tools.

Stainless Sideboard Protection

Available On: Warrior, Elite

Installed on the edge of each sideboard, these stainless steel strips are designed to take a beating, and keep your Trojan Tray looking sharp for years to come. This upgrade is a must for those hauling some serious load.

Tie Down Anchor Points x 4

Available On: Elite

Recessed, and installed onto the tray, these tie down points allow you to safely secure your cargo.  Our tie down points are made out of galvanized steel, rated for a load of upto 1800kg, and are spring-loaded to prevent excessive rattling during transport. A must have accessories for those that need to safely secure heavy cargo quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Cranes

Available On: Elite

Mobile cranes are the perfect addition for those that need to do some heavy lifting.  These fully hydraulic cranes are capable of easily lifting heavy loads, and help eliminate a lot of the OH&S issues relating to heavy lifts. Trojan Trays installs a variety of mobile cranes based on each customers needs and requirements.  For standard Utes, the 055 Quicklift crane is the mobile crane of choice.  Lightweight, compact, and remote controlled, the Quicklift crane is the largest capacity crane in its class with a maximum working load of 580kg.  If you are a heavy lifter, talk to our team today about installing a mobile crane.